Brett Kavanaugh’s Better Angels


Like so many, I watched the Senate hearing on Brett Kavanaugh, transfixed. A lot of us do things in our teenage years that we later cringe at and regret. It’s how we handle our regrets later that matters, once the stupidities are done. What struck me first was how belligerent and defensive he was, and, how whiney.

What struck me next  is how he could if he had wished have adopted a much easier approach, and won the hearts of all Americans, of whatever political stripe. Since he seems unwilling to do that, I am willing to do it for him:

Honorable Members of the Senate,

I am testifying today under guidance from the better angels of my nature. I am grateful to you for providing me with this opportunity.  As nominee for a position on the highest court of the land, it behooves me to act with the highest integrity, and in a way that I believe most people would wish to see in a possible member of our country’s Supreme Court.

I have no recollection of making any assault on Dr. Ford. In that regard, my memory tells me that I am innocent of the charges laid against me. It is possible, however, that I may be mistaken. Her testimony is totally credible, and it is clear that someone did indeed assault her in the manner she has described. I wish her total support. If it transpires that this person was indeed me, and if it is true that I blacked out or drank so much that I have no memory of the event, I will be profoundly sorry, and I will apologize to her with every fibre of my being, with complete sorrow in my heart. I would, naturally, withdraw from consideration for a place on the Supreme Court.

I support the proposal that the FBI be invited to investigate the allegations, so that we may get closer to the truth of what happened. It is important that the American public sees justice being pursued in an open, non-evasive manner. It behooves me, as the nominee for a seat on America’s Supreme Court, to demonstrate to the American public the highest possible regard for the law and its impartial pursuit of guilt or innocence.

If it transpires that I am guilty, the American judicial system will need to decide the appropriate punishment. This case is an opportunity made in heaven both for myself and for you, honorable members of the Senate, to demonstrate to the American people that the law is above politics, and above any personal feelings of pride, or any other such thing.


Brett Kavanaugh’s better angels, channelled by Guy Dauncey, Vancouver Island, Canada.





3 thoughts on “Brett Kavanaugh’s Better Angels

  1. Now that would be paradise. I guess we just have to be patient as we attempt to bring it into being. I’m sure we can if we keep radiating good, positive, kind energy.


  2. If I just put aside for a moment Professor Ford’s highly credible performance before the Senate and focus on the character traits exhibited by Judge Kavanaugh, I conclude that Kavanaugh has shown himself to be unfit to sit on the bench of the Supreme Court of the United Sates.
    In his performance before the Senate, Kavanaugh exhibited rudeness, gross impertinence and insubordination. He was belligerent and threatening toward Senators. And he showed disrespect for the Senate . . . and by extension for the American public whose good he would have to serve if appointed to the Supreme Court.
    The United States has much better candidates among both Republicans and Democrats.


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