A Hundred and Six Names: The New Economy We Need So Much

106 Names


This is an expanded Appendix 1 to my essay A New Cooperative Economy.

Until something has a name, it hardly exists. So what shall we call the new economy that we need so much? These are all proposed names that I have harvested from my reading. If you know of another, let me know, and I will add it. Updated to 106 names on December 27th 2021.

So which do you prefer? I apologize that this website is not sophisticated enough to allow for scoring. Click MORE to see the list…

Name Primary Origin
1.     Abundance Economy Robin Wall Kimmerer
2.     Associative Economy Rudolf Steiner
3.     Beautiful Economy Howard Collinge
4.     Biophysical Economy Charles Hall
5.     Bioregional Economy Joe Brewer
6.     Blue Economy Gunther Pauli
7.     Buddhist Economy Clair Brown, EF Schumacher
8.     Capitalism 3.0 Peter Barnes
9.     Capitalism 4.0 Anatole Kaletsky
10.   Caring Economy Rianne Eisler, Tania Singer
11.   Care-Centered Economy David Bollier, Ina Praetorius
12.   Circular Economy Ellen McArthur
13.   Citizens’ Economy Open Democracy, UK
14.   Civic Economy Marvin Brown
15.   Civil Economy Stefano Zamagni
16.   Clean Economy Various
17.   Collaborative Commons Economy Jeremy Rifkin
18.   Common Good Capitalist Economy Terry Mollner
19.   Commons Economy David Bollier
20.   Communalist Economy Murray Bookchin
21.   Conscious Capitalist Economy John Mackey
22.   Cooperative Economy Various
23.   Cooperative & Community-Based Economy Ana Maria Paredo
24.   Cooperative Solidarity Commonwealth Economy Jessica Gordon Nembhard, Frank Lindenfeld, John Restakis
25.   Degrowth Economy Giorgis Kallis, Jason Hickel
26.   Democratic Capitalist Economy Robert Kuttner, Michael Novak, George Cooper
27.   Democratic Economy Marjorie Kelly and Ted Howard
28.   Democratic Eco-Socialist Economy Hans Baer
29.   Digital Distributive Economy Douglas Rushkoff
30.   Doughnut Economy Kate Raworth
31.   Eco-Economy, Ecosystem-Economy Robert Costanza, John Rynn
32.   Ecofeminist Economy Vandana Shiva
33.   Economy of Love Sekem, Egypt
34.   Ecological Capitalist Economy Various
35.   EcoSocialist Economy Various. Murray Bookchin
36.   Economic Democracy David Schweickart
37.   Economy for the Common Good Christian Felber
38.   Economy that Works for Everyone Hillary Clinton, Democrats
39.   Eudaemonic Economy Eric Beinhocker
40.   Equilibrium Economy Various
41.   Ethical Economy Michael Bauwens
42.   Fair Ecological Economy David Boyle, NEF
43.   Feminist/Feminine Economy Jennifer Armbrust
44.   Fourth Industrial Revolution Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum
45.   Gaian Economy Ross Jackson, Helena Norberg-Hodge
46.   Generative Economy Marjorie Kelly
47.   Green Cooperative Economy Guy Dauncey
48.   Green, Green Collar Economy Van Jones + many
49.   Green Socialism Various
50.   Happonomy Bruno Delepierre, Stef Kuypers
51.   Holistic Economy Jo Confino, Capital Institute
52.   Human-Centered Economy Li Congjun, Joseph Featherall, Aldous Huxley
53.   Humanomics Tomas Sedlacek
54.   Indigenous Economy Carol Anne Hilton
55.   Inclusive Capitalist Economy Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism. The Vatican.
56.   Inclusive Economy Royal Society for the Arts, UK
57.   Joyful Economy James Gustav Speth
58.   Kindness Economy Guy Dauncey
59.   Libertarian Socialist Economy Noam Chomsky, Murray Bookchin, Abdullah Ocalan
60.   Life Economy, Economy of Life John Perkins, Anneloes Smitsman
61.   Living Economy Judy Wicks, BALLE
62.   Living Earth Economy David Korten
63.   Localized Economy Helena Norberg-Hodge
64.   Market Socialist Economy Thomas Weisskopf, Diane Elson
65.   Mission Economy Mariana Mazzucato
66.   Moral Economy Samuel Bowles
67.   Natural Capitalist Economy Paul Hawken, Amory & Hunter Lovins
68.   New Economy New Economics Coalition, New Economics Foundation
69.   New Green Economy Tim Jackson, Peter Victor
70.   Participatory Economy Robin Hahnel, Michael Albert
71.   Partnership Economy Aaron Hedges
72.   People’s Economy Boston Ujima, Rojava, Ethical Consumer, New Economy Coalition
73.   People-Centered Economy David Korten
74.   Permanent Economy E.F. Schumacher
75.   Place-Based Economy Sean Markey, Greg Halseth
76.   Plenitude Economy Juliet Schor
77.   Pluralist Commonwealth Economy Gus Alperowitz
78.   Post-Capitalist Economy Paul Mason
79.   Progressive Capitalist Economy Joe Stiglitz
80.   Purpose Economy Aaron Hurst
81.   Radical Circular Economy Hans Stegeman
82.   Reconomy Transition Towns Network
83.   Real Economy Various
84.   Regenerative Capitalist Economy John Fullerton, Daniel Christian Wahl, John Elkington
85.   Regenerative Economy United Frontline Table
86.   Relational Economy Relationships Foundation
87.   Resilient Economy Various
88.   Restoration Economy Storm Cunningham
89.   Restorative Economy Joshua Farley
90.   Sharing Economy Various
91.   Solidarity Economy Latin America
92.   Social Democratic Economy Bernie Sanders
93.   Social Economy Frank Lindenfeld
94.   Social Knowledge Economy Ecuador
95.   Solar Economy Hazel Henderson
96.   Solutions Economy Shaun Loney
97.   Stakeholder Capitalist Economy Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum
98.   Steady-State Economy Herman Daly, Tim Jackson, Brian Czeck, Rob Dietz
99.   Sustainable Economy Various
100.Sustainable/Smart Prosperity Mike Wilson
101.System-Value Economy Bill Bane, Ralph Thurm
102.Value-Oriented Economy Klaas van Egmond
103.Wellbeing Economy Lorenzo Fioramonti, Mark Anielski, Wellbeing Economy Alliance
104.Whole Earth Economy Peter Brown, Geoffrey Garver
105.Whole Person Economy Evan Steiner, Douglass Carmichael
106.Women-Centered Economy Canadian Women’s Economic Council

4 thoughts on “A Hundred and Six Names: The New Economy We Need So Much

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    The prototype that we present has some characteristics that are opposed, sometimes in a radical way, to the religious, economic, political and educational traditions and customs that have been transmitted from generation to generation, yet are the causes of the aforementioned problems, and therefore must be transformed.
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  3. Have you heard of “Associative Economics”? I cam across this term from a monograph published by the Center for Alternative Development Initiatives (CADI) and written by Nicanor Perlas, Sept. 1997. The title is: “Associative Economics: Responding to the Challenge of Elite Globalization.” According to the author, the term was first used by Rudolf Steiner.


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