Six Green New Deals: How Do They Compare?

This blog was updated on September 27th 2019 to TEN Green New Deals – see here.




5 thoughts on “Six Green New Deals: How Do They Compare?

  1. LOL First of all the Greens have been authoring a green new deal for decades but were reluctant to call it a green ‘new deal’ becasue it is so far beyond the scale and scope of the inadequate ‘New Deal’ of FDR. Our platform was authored and amended over time by volunteers so yeah, its not the most organized “plan.” However much of the column for GPUS is empty becasue of the lack of depth in this analysis with no recognition of the implications of the paradigm shift Greens are proposing which would go far beyond any other Green New Deal.


  2. As always Guy, thanks for your work. Very helpful and I look forward to your analysis of GND initiatives in Canada and the federal parties’ platforms.


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