Tiny Homes Villages


Artwork by Richard Sheppard,  www.theartistontheroad.com


All I want is a village somewhere,

far away from the housing scare,

With friends and family,

Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly?

Little homes where we all can live,

A lovely garden so we all can eat,

Shared hearts, shared love, shared hopes,

Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly.

In May 2018 the average price of a home in BC was $750,000. In Victoria, the average price of a condo was $500,000.

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Canada’s Choice


by Guy Dauncey

$4.5 Billion Dollars to Subsidize Fossil Fuels? Here’s a Much Better Idea

$4.5 billion of Canada’s money, to buy a bitumen pipeline? Some suggest that it could rise as high as $12 billion, including future construction and legal costs.

So what if the money was invested in solutions to the climate crisis, instead making things worse by being invested in the primary cause, which is our use of fossil fuels? When Canada signed the Paris Climate Agreement most people presumed that it was being signed honestly, not as an act of laugh-behind-your-hand hypocrisy.

Thirty to Fifty Times More Jobs

That much money could leverage enough electricity to replace most of Alberta’s coal and gas-fired electricity, and generate between 30 and 50 times as many jobs. It could also power 18 million electric vehicles for 25 years. Continue reading Canada’s Choice

Farm Villages – The Way of the Future


Farm-VillagesSubmission to the Agricultural Land Reserve Minister’s Advisory Committee by Guy Dauncey and Rob Buchan. Deadline for letters and submissions Monday April 30th 2018.


For an illustrated slideshow on this proposal, see https://www.slideshare.net/GuyDauncey/farm-villages


Throughout the world, in every culture, farmers have lived and raised their children in small farm villages.

Here on Vancouver Island, 95% of our food is imported every day on the ferries. At the same time, good farmland sits empty or grows hay, while younger people who want to get onto the land to grow food are unable to do so because of the incredibly high price of land.

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Let’s Make Every Business a Social Purpose Business


Social-PurposeBy Guy Dauncey, March 2018

If we are to live in a fair, just, ecologically sustainable world, many things in our economy will need to change, from the way banks create money to the way environmental losses and gains are accounted for and measured.

Let’s start with the businesses that grow the food, manufacture the products and provide the services we all depend on and enjoy.

It’s almost impossible to imagine a successful economy without its businesses. The Soviet Union tried, and Cuba is still trying, but neither has had much success. It’s hard to have success when the spirit of enterprise is not allowed to flourish. Continue reading Let’s Make Every Business a Social Purpose Business

The Birth of a New Cooperative Economy

They say we are self-interested, we’re always out to win.
Always individualistic, though it used to be a sin.
They say we need free markets, the better to compete,
and the economy will flourish if we only think of greed.

This is Economics 101, the way it’s taught today. Not a word about nature, community, caring, sharing, or cooperation.

During the mid 19th century, advances in science, democracy, education, literacy, public healthcare, labour unions, technological breakthroughs, banking, and the power of fossil fuels to generate rapid economic growth certainly made it seem that after ten thousand years of economic stagnation the competitive pursuit of profit was improving life for all. In the 1760s it took eighteen hours of human labour to transform a pound of cotton into cloth. By the 1860s it took one and a half hours. Today, it probably takes five seconds.

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Let Us Create An EcoRenaissance

by Guy Dauncey, February 2nd, 2018

If you want to see what this EcoRenaissance looks like on the ground, click HERE.

Until a thing has a name, it doesn’t really exist

I can feel this future. I have written a novel about it. I love its colour and vibrancy, its harmony with Nature. But what is its name?

One of the realities of the spoken language is that until a thing has a name, it doesn’t really exist. When we want to create something, we name it.

The feeling that comes to mind is one of Renaissance – the birth of a new vision, the promise of a new future. The Renaissance that was seeded in the 13th century and blossomed into glory in the 15th and sixteenth centuries filled people’s hearts, souls and minds with art, imagination and ideas. It took inspiration from the rediscovered science, art and philosophy of ancient Greece and Rome. It made souls take flight, washing away the dull dogmatism and cruel muddy feudalism of a world where nothing much changed except by disease, disorder and death.

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To Dam, or Not to Dam? An Ode to the Peace River


To dam, or not to dam: that is the question,

whether tis nobler to suffer

the loss of farmland and First Nations rights by powerful flooding,

or, by solar, wind and conservation, geothermal too,

to craft another path to the energy we’ll need

and save the land for growing food and flowing water,

under the peaceful sky.

 – Guy Dauncey, January 2018

Mammoths on East Hastings Street: A Vision from the Future

Mammoths Sculpture

Mammoths on Hastings Street, by Hae Jin An, Emily Carr School of Art

This is an extract from Chapter 12 ‘The Heart of Poverty’ in Guy Dauncey’s ecotopian novel Journey to the Future: A Better World is Possible, set in Vancouver in June 2032.


‘The Land that Ugly Forgot’

Back on the trail, I passed a sign that told me that Fourth Avenue was closed to cars every Sunday, and open only to cyclists, rollerbladers, runners and strollers.[1] I rode north over the Cambie Street Bridge, crossing the waters of Vancouver’s False Creek. To see the banners of colored silk fluttering from the streetlights and the central median ablaze with rhododendrons and flowers set my soul ablaze. A banner at the end of the bridge proclaimed ‘The Land that Ugly Forgot’ and welcomed me to the downtown.

I cycled to Wei-Ping’s office on Water Street in Gastown and found a space to park Carl’s bike in a bike-rack designed like a red dragon. I had a while before my meeting, so I walked to the Waterfront station and turned up Seymour, enjoying the wide sidewalks, ample bike-lanes and colorful food carts. Several buildings were covered with ferns and flowering plants tumbled down their walls, as if a rainforest had taken up residence in the city. [2] At a crosswalk, instead of saying WALK it said DANCE, and there was music that made it impossible not to—not just me but others too, laughing and smiling at each other. [3]

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Canada’s Housing Crisis: A Permanent, 100-Year Solution


Guy Dauncey is the author of Journey to the Future: A Better World is Possible and nine other books. He is an Honorary Member of the Planning Institute of BC and a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts.

June 2017. This is an updated and expanded version of Canada’s Housing Crisis: 22 Solutions, originally published on The Practical Utopian in December 2016.

A PDF Version of this essay can be downloaded here: Canada’s Housing Crisis – Guy Dauncey.

Executive Summary

Canada’s housing crisis is far more severe than most people realize. The fundamental problem is an excess of money pouring into the housing market from various sources, combined with an abdication of responsibility by all levels of government for the past 30 years.

There are many on-the-ground solutions, demonstrating positive ways to build affordable housing. And there are seven new housing-related taxes that could raise the funds needed for a massive expansion of affordable housing.

The fundamental cause of the problem is the excess of funds flowing into the market, and until this is solved house prices will continue to rise, and most other solutions will seem like never-ending sandbagging.

The money supply problem can be solved. The money can be obtained to restore safe, sustainable, socially designed affordable housing as a fundamental human right.

And by establishing an Affordable Housing Social Justice Connector, a permanent, hundred-year solution can be put in place that will guarantee that Canada need never confront a housing crisis again. Continue reading Canada’s Housing Crisis: A Permanent, 100-Year Solution

What Shall We Call The New Economy We Need So Much?

Seventy-Four Names












This is an expanded Appendix 1 to my essay A New Cooperative Economy.

Until something has a name, it hardly exists. So what shall we call the new economy that we need so much? These are all proposed names that I have harvested from my reading. If you know of another, let me know, and I will add it. Updated to 74 names on November 21st 2017.

So which do you prefer? I apologize that this website is not sophisticated enough to allow for scoring. Click MORE to see the list… Continue reading What Shall We Call The New Economy We Need So Much?

Book Review: The Clean Money Revolution – Reinventing Power, Purpose and Capitalism

by Joel Solomon with Tyee Bridge

New Society Publishers, April 2017.  Review by Guy Dauncey.


This is a great book. It’s personal, committed, passionate, informative, and full of great stories. For an addicted change-the-worlder, what more can you ask?

And the stories, from Joel’s personal life and those of his colleagues, are about one of the most important challenges we need to embrace on our planet – changing the way we invest our money.

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The World’s Central Banks to the Rescue

by Guy Dauncey, inspired by Matthias Kroll

PDF download available here: The Boldest Climate Solution

A globally agreed carbon cap? Carbon rationing? Holland’s proposed ban on the sale of non-electric cars by 2025? Oslo’s goal to reduce the city’s total greenhouse gas emissions by 95% by 2030?

No, none of the above.

So what is it? In a nutshell, it’s the proposal that the world’s central banks create $300 billion a year, and use it to leverage investments of up to $2 trillion a year in the urgently needed transition to renewable energy, and other climate solutions.

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A New Cooperative Economy

Guy Dauncey, April 2017


This essay was submitted to The Next Systems Project Essay Contest, in which is was awarded second place. “We received hundreds of submissions from 30 different states and 26 countries, proving that many around the world not only believe system change is necessary, but have thought long and hard about what a new system should look like and how we might get there.” http://thenextsystem.org/announcing-the-winners-in-our-essay-competition/ 


You can download the essay as a PDF here. A New Cooperative Economy


Our task is to fashion a political vision and a political narrative that is a compelling answer to neo-liberalism and the ideology of competition, free markets, and the primacy of capital. We need a political economy of cooperation, solidarity, of mutual benefit. –  John Restakis, Civil Power and the Partner State, 2016

Our modern economy is in crisis. Can we build an alternative economy as our ancestors did in the transition from feudalism to capitalism? It’s a question that takes us deep into our values, culture, history, politics—and visions of the future.

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The Blob: Can We Change its Heart, Before it Destroys Us All?

Sometimes it seems as if those who care about Nature stand on guard around the edge of a huge circular Blob known as ‘The Economy’, which keeps growing and encroaching onto Nature. We organize to prevent its advance against creeks, rivers, forests and wetlands. We try to stop it from shooting out new pipelines, digging new coalmines, pouring more carbon into the atmosphere and introducing new chemicals into our food.

Sometimes we are successful and The Blob backs off, which happened with the proposed Raven coalmine near Courtenay. But just as often we are not, as the ecological wreckage of the private forest lands on the Island shows, and when The Blob assaults Nature in a distant country such as Indonesia, destroying native hardwood forests, home for millions of years to families of orangutans and other creatures, replacing them with palm oil trees for the global biofuel market.

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A New Economy for Small Communities

by Guy Dauncey

When the future teenager walks down the future Main Street in future Smalltown BC, be it Williams Lake, Smithers, Houston, Creston or Kimberley, which of these thoughts might she or he be thinking?

“I can’t wait to get out of this place—it’s so, like, basic.”


“This place is so cool. I wish there was work, so that I could stay.”


“This place is so über-cool. My friends in the city are so jealous that I get to live, work and play here.”

British Columbia has many communities that built their economies around traditional resources that are now either collapsing or going into decline. Unless there’s a strong impulse for community economic renewal, there’s a risk that working people will leave and young people will follow, never to return.

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Let’s Get Going – Climate Action Together



F is for Future, a world without fossil fuels,

new solar symphony changing the gyre,

clean up our garbage, restore Nature’s harmony,

offer our children the hopes they desire.

To download the PDF version of this paper, click Climate Action Together

So how do we do it?[1]

How do we tackle the climate crisis with the speed and resolution that the climate scientists say is so urgently needed?

How do we make a rapid transition to a 100% renewable energy economy in a positive, nation-building manner, without causing economic mayhem, unemployment and chaos?

It’s complicated. There’s no doubt about it. Our economy is completely enmeshed in fossil fuels. We use fossil fuels to travel, to heat our homes and buildings, to generate electricity, to power our industry, to make plastics and to pave the roads. If fossil fuels were to magically stop working due to a zombie-ray from outer space or an unexpected change in the laws of physics, our economy would grind to an immediate halt. Continue reading Let’s Get Going – Climate Action Together

When Santa Lost His Reindeer


It was a week before Christmas, and Santa was busy polishing his boots in the big Winter House, up at the North Pole. It was a pleasant evening, and he was feeling good about life.

“My, don’t these boots look good!” he said to himself as he sat in front of the big log fire, admiring his reflection in the polish. “That should make a show when I’m ready to do my rounds!”

Most of the presents were neatly stacked in the Store House ready for delivery, and the reindeer were asleep in the barn, resting up before the big journey.

All except one, that is – Binky.

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A Modern Alphabet


 Thanks to Terry Sohl for the photo image, and to William Morris for the letters.

Opportunities to perform this are welcome. I hope to get it on YouTube soon. 


A is for Albatross

A is for Albatross,

far-winging freely across oceans of wonder,

mating for life till they die,

but their chicks have a diet of grim plastic plunder,

filling their bellies with lies.

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A Bold New Climate Vision: If I was Prime Minister of Canada, How Would I Tackle The Climate Crisis?


By Guy Dauncey

New Scientist magazine reported in June that five meters of future sea-level rise is already locked in, due to the steady collapse of the West Antarctic Ice-Sheet. If we don’t act rapidly, their staff reported, it will be twenty metres.

The full extent of the flooding will not happen for several thousand years, but “locked-in” is the phrase they used.[1] Venice, New York, Miami, San Francisco, Vancouver, London, Mumbai, Kolkata; large parts of Holland; a large part of Bangladesh and many cities in China—all will be under water.[2]

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Almost Twice as Many Green Jobs if Canada Phases out Fossil Fuels


by Guy Dauncey

The 48-Page Report is here.

Is It Really True?

Is it really true that if we don’t build more pipelines and allow more exports of coal, oil and gas, that Canada’s economy will be in danger and unemployment will rise?

That’s certainly what we are frequently told, both by the Conservative federal government and by several provincial governments, either directly or by implied assumption.

There is alternative, however. The climate crisis is inescapably real. It threatens everyone’s future, and it is being caused by carbon emissions from the same fossil fuels that our governments want to expand.

So what would it look like if there were an organized plan to phase out fossil fuels and embrace 100% renewable energy in Canada? That’s certainly what the climate crisis calls for. Continue reading Almost Twice as Many Green Jobs if Canada Phases out Fossil Fuels

The Green Diary June 2018

Green DiaryA Host of Amazing Events to Build a Better World

Patiently Organized by Amazing People


250-924-1445 guydauncey@earthfuture.com

For yet more events, see Creatively United for the Planet


Sat 2 Georgia Strait Alliance Photo Contest: Go Beyond Words. Show us what you love about killer whales and win a great prize! This year, in honour of Orca Awareness Month, the photo contest will run from June 1st to August 15th and focus on Southern Resident killer whales with 3 finalists picked each week, one from each of three categories. Facebook only. Tag @GeorgiaStraitBC and hashtag the category. www.facebook.com/GeorgiaStraitBC/

Sat 2, 10am-3pm Help Restore Eelgrass in the Salish Sea at the Cowichan Estuary Nature Centre, 1845 Cowichan Bay Road. Would you like to be a part of a growing community restoring critical salmon habitat? Native eelgrass (Zostera marina) is a critical component of nearshore ecology for salmon, birds, and hundreds of invertebrates in B.C. and globally. haley@cowichanestuary.ca or call 250-297-2288.

Sat 2, 10am-4pm Green Energy Symposium, Knox United Church, Parksville. Speakers include Guy Dauncey, Michael Mehta. Many solar and renewable energy booths. www.kucparksville.ca/events/green-energy-symposium-all-rooms/2018-06-02

Sat 2, 12-12pm Composting Basics. Compost Education Centre, 1216 North Park St, Victoria. Free. www.eventbrite.ca/e/free-workshop-composting-basics-tickets-41318774567

Sat 2, 1-3pm Sustainable Systems Site Tour. Compost Education Centre, 1216 North Park St, Victoria. www.compost.bc.ca/education/workshop-series/calendar/

Sat 2, 1pm-5:30pm Hear the Call- Salmon Nation. Premiere screening of the short film Hear the Call and a presentation by Chief Ernest Alfred about the Salmon Nation Declaration. An inside look at the Broughton Archipelago,that is being decimated by disease, parasites, and other pollution from industrial waste that Salmon Farms have brought to our local coast. Speeches from Josh Thome Nat Geo Explorer and Film Director, Chief Ernest Alfred of the ‘Namgis Nation, John Werring, Senior Science and Policy Advisor: The David Suzuki Foundation. 3pm Guests move to the Na’tsa’maht for socializing with the members of the community. Canapés, a Tofino hand peeled Shrimp Tartlet and a Sockeye Salmon Blini. Camosun College, Gibson Auditorium, Fisher Building. www.eventbrite.ca/e/hear-the-call-salmon-nation-tickets-46380883471

Sun 3, 11am-12:30pm Join our Broom Bash on Yellow Point Road with the Yellow Point Ecological Society. www.yellowpointecologicalsociety.ca

Thur 7, 7pm An Evening with Janet Lochead: The Invertebrate Wonders of the Salish Sea. Janet is head of the Dive Fisheries Program of DFO’s Science Branch, and oversees BC’s stock assessment programs for Green Sea Urchins, Red Sea Urchins, Giant Red Sea Cucumbers and Pacific Geoduck Clams. 13561 Barney Road, off Yellow Point Road. RSVP appreciated to yellowpoint2020@gmail.com www.facebook.com/events/1851921494872627/

Sat 9, 10am-2pm One Cowichan Fossil Fuel Free Day. An educational, fun, family friendly gathering celebrating technologies and practices to live a fossil fuel free life, here and now. Demos, displays, music, repair hut, and art. Charles Hoey Park ( near the Caboose), Duncan. Contact Rosalie Sawrie 250-701-3134  onecowichan.ca

Sat 9, 1-3pm Brewing Kombucha and Kefir. Compost Education Centre, 1216 North Park St, Victoria. www.eventbrite.ca/e/brewing-kombucha-and-kefir-tickets-41177589278

Sat 9, 6:30-10pm STAND UP Salt Spring Fundraiser for the Nine Kinder Morgan Arrestees. Poetry, music, speakers, including Elizabeth May MP. https://standupsaltspring.wordpress.com www.facebook.com/events/1967327323488025/

Sun 10, 11-4pm World Oceans Day at Fisherman’s Wharf, Victoria. Come join us to learn about the Salish Sea. Talk to a wide variety of research, education, and conservation organizations, learn about your own impact, and find out what you can do to get involved, reduce plastic pollution, and keep oceans blue!


Mon 11, 7pm Voices for the Salish Sea. Tiller’s Folly, The Wilds, the British Columbia Boys Choir, and special guest Ta’Kaiya Blaney, musical performances & multimedia. The Port Theatre Adults $26 / Students $14 https://tickets.porttheatre.com/TheatreManager/175/tmEvent/tmEvent2673.html

Tue 12, 5-7pm Green Drinks at the Drake Eatery, 517 Pandora St, VictoriaGreat beer, great company! www.meetup.com/Green-Drinks-Victoria/events/250930726/

Wed 13, 12-1pm South Island Rally to Defend our Wild Salmon. Meet at the Constituency office of Premier John Horgan, 2806 Jacklin Rd, Langford. 20 fish farm leases expire on June 20th, and we need them to stay expired! Fish farms are spreading parasites and diseases to our wild salmon, and their time is up. Dress in your work clothes or your BC coastal best: plaid, gumboots, hip-waders & stanfields! Or bring your fishing gear and park your boat out front! We need to send our elected politicians a message. www.facebook.com/events/191970541634115/

Wed 13, 7pm Water Warriors, a 22 minute film about a community in New Brunswick that unites to drive out a natural gas company that is attempting to set up fracking in their midst. Awareness Film Night Season Finale. The rest of the evening will be an Open Mic.  Please come and share what you are doing to help create a more just, beautiful, sane, connected, ecologically viable world that we may go off into the summer inspired.  Edward Milne Community School theatre 6218 Sooke Rd. in Sooke.  By donation. awarenessfilmnight.ca

Thur 14, 5-7pm The Role of Faith Communities in Creating a One Planet Region. Free. Organised by Conversations for a One Planet Region. Community Room, Central Branch, Public Library, Broughton St, Victoria https://creativelyunited.org/one-planet-region/ Thancock@uvic.ca

Thur 14, 7pm OK Industries NotOK! The Highlands District Community Association  is hosting a Community Information Session at the Highlands Community Hall, 729 Finlayson Arm Road with Sonia Furstenau (MLA), Vicky Husband (tireless environmental champion), and Neville Grigg (resident of Highlands). We don’t want to lose the natural wildlife corridor from Hatcher Swamp to Thetis Lake. We don’t want the noise from 35 years of blasting, crushing and traffic. We don’t want a mine in the Highlands. We do want big trees, clean water and our healthy lifestyle in the Highlands. We do want the quiet rural life in the natural environment here. https://www.facebook.com/events/1958528107515004/  More information about our grass roots community opposition to the OK Industries mine permit application: https://www.facebook.com/HIGHLANDS.NotOK/

Sat 16, 9:30am-12:30pm Repair Café Victoria. What do you do with a hole sweater, a broken toaster, or a busted teddy bear? Don’t toss it! Bring it in to Repair Café Victoria where volunteer repair experts will be on hand to teach you how to fix your broken household items. By donation. Central Branch of the Greater Victoria Public Library, 735 Broughton Street.  www.facebook.com/repaircafevictoria

Sat 16, 9:45-1pm Join the Greater Victoria Green Team and Friends of North Saanich at Quarry Park in N. Saanich. We will be removing invasive plants! https://www.meetup.com/Greater-Victoria-Green-Team/events/250847308/

Sat 16, 11am-12pm Compost Centre AGM. Surprise workshops, surprise edible delights. 1216 North Park St, Victoria. www.compost.bc.ca/education/workshop-series/calendar/

Sat 16, 11am-3pm Merv Wilkinson Homestead Open House. The Ecoforestry Institute Society is proud and show off the new Homestead and all the work we’ve put into it over the past year including DIY furniture, decks and dock, solar panel system, and a rehousing project for our beloved bat colony! Light refreshments. 2929 Crane Road, Cedar. www.ecoforestry.ca

Sat 16, 12:15-3pm Compost Education Centre Garden Party and Fundraiser

Sat 16, 12-2pm In-seine Sailfins, Shrimps and Sea Slugs. Join experts from the Royal BC Museum to view a great diversity of marine creatures. A large seine net will be dragged across the eel grass beds into shore so that experts can collect a marine creatures for all to see. People can borrow small nets and containers from Friends of Uplands Park to catch specimens for identification. Donations to the Royal BC Museum please. Wear water shoes and dress for the weather. Meet at the north end of Willows Beach.

Sat 16, 1pm-2:30pm In-Seine Sailfins, Shrimps And Sea Slugs. Royal BC Museum Fieldtrippers: Join researchers as they conduct a beach seine at Willows Beach. As many as 20 species of fish, crabs, shrimps and other invertebrates will be brought to shore using a large net. Get an up-close look at what lives in the eelgrass forest beneath the waves.  By Donation to the Royal BC Museum. Meet North end of Willows Beach. Margaret Lidkea, Friends of Uplands Park. 250-595-8084

Sat 16, 2-5pm All Efficient Irrigation Workshop – Capital Regional District invites residents to this free workshop to learn waterwise irrigation installation & maintenance tips.  Colwood  Call CRD 250.474.9684 to register

Sun 17, 11am-5pm SPCA Wild ARC and Urban Wildlife Stewardship Society Father’s Day Garden Party. Tour 8 lovely gardens in Oak Bay then enjoy Afternoon Tea and a Silent Ballot Auction at the Windsor Pavilion. Wildlife questions answered by volunteers, and a master gardener will share ideas for your garden. Drought and deer-resistant plants for sale! Tickets and info: spca.bc.ca/gardentour


Mon 18, 3:30pm-5pm Food Literacy Roundtable. Since 2015, the Good Food Network has organized this annual roundtable to highlight the work going on around the building of food knowledges and skills in the Capital Region. Share what you have been doing and get updated on Farm to School, community kitchens, and everything in between. Discussion on food metrics; how do we measure our success? Location to be determined. Em Bellinger engagement@crfair.ca

Tue 19-Thur 21 Cooperation in a Changing World. Co-operative Congress 2018. Many great speakers from Canada and UK. Ocean Pointe Hotel. http://www.cmcevents.info

Tue 19, 7pm What Is Nonviolent Communication? Rachelle Lamb has been teaching Nonviolent Communication as a certified trainer for two decades. The process was developed by clinical psychologist and international peacemaker Dr. Marshall Rosenberg and has received worldwide acclaim for its revolutionary approach to resolving conflict, and as a way of thinking and speaking based on meeting NEEDS instead of expressing alienating and defensive responses. $22 Advance | $25 at the door: https://bit.ly/2pJUkhd www.rachellelamb.com/about-nvc/ www.facebook.com/events/538961023169946/

Wed 20, 6-8:15pm Amnesty International reception with Alex Neve, Secretary General of Amnesty International Canada who will report on the human rights progress you make possible. Light refreshments and non-alcoholic beverages. UVic, Michele Pujol Room, Student Union Building. Please Click here to RSVP by Friday, June 15.

Wed 20, 7pm Planning for a One Planet Region. Free. Organised by Bioregional, One Earth, the District of Saanich, Conversations for a One Planet region and UVic in the Anthropocene. UVic HSD A240, Human and Social Development Building – http://www.oneearthweb.org/saanich.html or https://creativelyunited.org/one-planet-region/ Thancock@uvic.ca

Fri 22, 9.30am-5pm Urban Trees & Community Health. A day long conference with urban tree walks on campus. Free. Organised by Garry Oak Meadows Preservation Society. Bob Wright building, Room A 104, UVic http://www.garryoak.info Register: grow.oaks@gmail.com by June 18th

Sat 23, 1-3pm Creating an Herbal First Aid Kit. Compost Education Centre, 1216 North Park St, Victoria. $12. www.eventbrite.ca/e/creating-an-herbal-first-aid-kit-tickets-41290961377

Sun 24th, 5:30pm – 8:30pm Pods & Pottery Paint Night at Fired Up! Ceramics, 1801 Fort Street, Victoria. Teaming up with Fired Up! Ceramics, the Georgia Strait Alliance will provide presentations on the history of humans and orcas within Vancouver Island, and the importance of apex predators. Amazing ceramic art of whales, our coastline, and wildlife, with local photography throughout the night to get your creative brush strokes started.


Sat 30, 8am Birding in Uplands Park with Geoffrey Newell of Friends of Uplands Park.  Meet at Cattle Point with your binoculars for an easy walk from the rocky shore to the dry Garry oak meadows.  Free.  Please check our website for any day and time changes:  friendsofuplandspark.org

Sat 30, 10am – 4pm Come of Age: The Case for Elderhood in a Time of Trouble with Author Stephen Jenkinson. Join us for time devoted to grief and wonder. Imagine a future that replaces retirement with esteemed elderhood, where young people receive recognition of their worth and purpose. Stephen believes the esteem of parents and friends can only go so far: elders must bring the rest. Presented by Orphan Wisdom & OUR Ecovillage, 1565 Baldy Mountain Rd, Shawnigan Lake. $99 CAD online booking on OUR ecovillage website: https://ourecovillage.org/courses/come-of-age-with-author-activist-stephen-jenkinson/

All Month

CRD Parks hikes, explorations and events for all ages: www.crd.bc.ca/about/events

Change the World on Shaw TV, with Guy Dauncey. Interviews with local people who have big bold ideas and positive solutions for the future. Shaw TV Channel 4. www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRSwDpSO92L1Li1FSwQpzy2leOk_8VdFo 

More Local Events (including hikes): http://creativelyunited.org/events/ 


Affinite Wealth Group: http://www.meetup.com/Affinite-Wealth-Victoria/

Victoria Cycling Adventures: http://www.meetup.com/Victoria-Cycling-Adventures/

Victoria Outdoor and Social Club: http://www.meetup.com/Victoria-outdoor-social-club/

Victoria Club Tread: http://www.meetup.com/Victoria-Club-Tread/

Victoria Nature Explorations: http://www.meetup.com/Nature-Victoria-Explorations/

Victoria Nature Walks: http://www.meetup.com/Victoria-Nature-Walks/

Victoria Outdoor Club: http://www.meetup.com/Victoria-Outdoor-Club/

Victoria Sea Kayakers: http://www.meetup.com/Victoria-Sea-Kayakers/

Vegan Victoria: http://www.meetup.com/Vegan-Victoria-Meetup/

West Shore Cycling: http://www.meetup.com/West-Shore-Cycling/

MEC Victoria Road-Ride Cycling: http://www.meetup.com/West-Shore-Cycling/

Greater Victoria Green Team: http://www.meetup.com/Greater-Victoria-Green-Team/

Net Squared Victoria: http://www.meetup.com/NetSquared-Victoria-a-nonprofit-technology-meetup/

Cowichan Valley Outdoor Club: http://www.meetup.com/Cowichan-Valley-Outdoor-Club/

Cowichan Valley Walking/Hiking Group: http://www.meetup.com/Cowichan-Valley-walking-hiking-group/


Biweekly. OUR ECOVILLAGE Educational Tours.10-12:30pm with option to stay on for lunch in OUR Zero Mile Meal Eatery. Learn all legal and regulatory work for permaculture, natural building, and sustainable community design while delving into the back of systems and inside cob/strawbale/solar/alt systems. Scheduled volunteer days also avail. info@ourecovillage.org   250-743-3067  www.ourecovillage.org

Biweekly. Garry Oak Ecosystem Restoration at Fort Rodd Hill. Help us win the battle against invasive species and assist in our meadow project at Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site. Scheduled volunteer days. frh.volunteer@pc.gc.ca  250-812-8133 http://www.pc.gc.ca/eng/lhn-nhs/bc/fortroddhill/activ/activ2.aspx

Every day, 10am – 5pm Clothing for Conservation Fundraiser with Habitat Acquisition Trust: visit Hemp & Company, 1312 Government St. $10 from every purchase of the featured Celebration Top goes to HAT. Makes a great gift!

Every day, 9am-4:30pm The forest is always ‘green’ here in Goldstream. With over 8 km of hiking trails you will be sure to find one of our unique trees, from Western Red Cedar, Black Cottonwood, Red Alder to Douglas Fir, Garry Oak and Arbutus. Stop in at the Goldstream Nature House for up to date trail information. 250-478-9414 or goldstream@naturehouse.ca

Every Day (except Monday) Victoria Public Market, Hudson’s Bay, Douglas St. Maryanne Carmack, marycarmack@victoriapublicmarket.com 250 884 8552 www.victoriapublicmarket.com

Every Mon, 10am -12pm Brodick/Bow Parks (Saanich) Invasive Species removal. Volunteers needed. Training, gloves, and tools provided. No dogs. Judy 250-472-0515

Every Monday, 4-6:30pm Cowichan Green Community Chow Down Family Cooking Classes. Free. Visit https://cgcf.ca/projects/chow-cooking-classes/ for more details. Registration is necessary by emailing or calling Jennifer: jennifer@cowichangreencommunity.org/ 250-748-8506

Every Tue, 9am Tuesday Morning Birding. Meet foot of Bowker Ave, waterfront off Beach Drive in Oak Bay. Bill Dancer 250-721-5273. Novice and experienced birders all welcome.

Every Wed, 11-6pm Haliburton Food Box Program. Receive a luscious weekly box of certified organic seasonal produce from the farmers who grow the food. 741 Haliburton Rd (off the Pat Bay Highway), Victoria www.haliburtonfarm.org

Every Wed and Sun, 9am Bird Walks with naturalists, Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary, 3873 Swan Lake Rd. Margaret Lidkea 479-0211

Every Wed.  7-8:30pm  Oneness Wednesdays Meditation Circle at Church of Truth, 111 Superior Street;  Everyone welcome to drop in.   By Donation   http://cotvictoria.ca/oneness/

Every Wed, 7pm Cultivating a Lifestyle of Harmony & Balance in Rhythm with Nature with Renee Lindstrom at Oneness Wednesday at the Church of Truth, 111 Superior Street (James Bay).  Free or by donation  http://cotvictoria.ca/oneness/  

Every Thur and Sat. Volunteer events at Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. Charlotte Houston restoration@swanlake.bc.ca.

Every Sat, 10-12 Moss Street Market for homegrown produce, homemade food, baking and handicrafts, music, kids activities. Off Thurlow St, Fairfield. www.MossStreetMarket.com

Every Sat, 8am Morning Birding. See http://www.vicnhs.bc.ca/calendar.html for each week’s location. VNHS. Novice and experienced birders all welcome.

Every Sat, 9-12pm Beacon Hill Park Ivy Pull. Volunteers welcome. Cornelia 250-920-3556

Every Sat, 10am-2pm 3295 Compton Road.  Eco-Sense Perennial Edible Plant Nursery. Plant list. Come on out and walk the homestead.   ann@eco-sense.ca

Every Sun, 1-3pm No Ivy League. Join the Friends of Uplands Park to remove English ivy, and help restore the endangered Garry Oak Ecosystem, and protect 24 rare plants. Tools, gloves and the Best Practices instruction provided. Meet at Cattle Point, near the kiosks.